By Corey Moss

In December of last year, a blog was released by Brian Hall, then CVP Microsoft Devices Marketing at Microsoft titled ‘It’s the most wonderful time of the year – for Surface!’ detailing its Surface line of products and the success that Microsoft had with them in 2016. The blog pointed to the Surface Pro and Surface Book, along with the unveiling of the Surface Studio and Surface Dial in October, as well as November being the best month ever for consumer Surface sales.

However, while Microsoft had certainly hit pay dirt with their consumer line of Surface products, what about the commercial industry-focused collaborative interactive display the Surface Hub – the device which was introduced to great attendee reception at Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2015, and followed along to major trade shows afterward including InfoComm, the commercial audio visual industry’s major trade show in the U.S. where there was again great reception?

After that trade show, Microsoft signed on many channel partners worldwide to carry the line. In early 2016, after a wait due to certain issues, the Surface Hub entered the market through these channel partners.

I received information from Microsoft in December about the success of the Surface line, including the Surface Hub, and I wrote a blog called The Microsoft Surprise Surface Hit of the Year – the Surface Hub. In the blog I discussed this along with global markets, partners, business sectors (such as education and healthcare), advantages of the device in consideration of the competition, and more.

As for the ‘surprise’ in the title, this was my statement:

In short, with sales flowing at a fairly steady pace throughout the year across the globe, Microsoft has now hit a hardware homer which has even surprised some at Microsoft, except for Brian Hall and his team that is.


I reached out to speak with someone on the Microsoft Devices team and was introduced to Julia Atalla, their Sr. Director, Surface Commercial Marketing. I spent time talking with Julia about her career at Microsoft, the mindset behind the development of the Surface Hub, its impact on the audio visual industry as well as end user customers after its first showing at ISE 2015, their dedication to the commercial channel partners, focusing in on the technology and transformation in the workplace, the various business markets that the Surface Hub has shown strength in, a look at the current overall market for the Surface Hub and more.

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