By Corey Moss

For those familiar with all that goes on in the world of collaboration solutions, you may already be familiar with this. If not, here’s the newest device in the ever-growing large touch interactive collaborative display market – The Google Jamboard.


Introduced this week as the whiteboard, reimagined for collaboration in the cloud, Google has launched full force into the market of audio visual large interactive collaboration display devices, facing up against the likes of Microsoft, InFocus, Sharp and other notable players.

This 55-inch 4k touch display is intelligently constructed, with built-in HD camera, speakers and Wi-Fi, and teams can collaborate and broadcast work globally with Hangouts. It has a sleek design, one that brings a collaborative comfort as well as a stand-out look for the modern office space. Collaboration with this device becomes the “jam” where Google’s G-Suite and Google Search provide the power, along with tools to enrich the standard brainstorm session like sticky notes and stencils, as well as intelligent features like handwriting and shape recognition.

What comes with this is the ability to pull in work from Docs, Sheets and Slides, or add photos stored in Drive. The work remains stored in the cloud in Google Drive, so you can easily share what you’ve created or come back to iterate at anytime. In short, the brainstorm doesn’t have to end, even when the meeting does.

tools_small-width-1000Built for precision drawing, the touchscreen automatically recognizes the difference between using the stylus to sketch or the eraser to start over, and neither require batteries or pairing. It can also sense when you’re using your finger to wipe work off of the screen, just like with the classic whiteboard. An intuitive, single-cable setup makes it easy to start creating quickly with Jamboard. Just roll it in, turn it on and begin.

Google has worked closely with G Suite customers like Instrument, Netflix, and Spotify to refine the blend of hardware and software that drives Jamboard. They’ve also partnered with AV industry projection and display manufacturer BenQ to tap into its network of channels and resellers to help bring the product to market.

The first question that comes to mind here – can Google tap deep into the workplace collaboration space, and especially the Millennial workforce with the Jamboard? The design again comes to mind in that it has the look of something you could well see being used (better yet rolled around) in an entrepreneurial startup along with an enterprise organization. The familiarity of Search and G-Suite, along with the apps and tools makes the Jamboard a fit in any work setting. For those who have established a cloud work environment, the Jamboard would roll well into it. And who can deny that the Google name packs a brand punch.

Which brings about the second question – can Google compete with the well-known and established market players? I wrote about certain manufacturers in  The Battle for Large Format 4K UHD Interactive Collaboration Videoconferencing Display Supremacy – It’s Time. I have seen demonstrations of all that I mentioned in this blog, highlighting two in particular – the Microsoft Surface Hub and InFocus’ new Monopad Ultra series. Design again, as well as function and price point could be the telling factors depending on the environment. And it’s not a behemoth by any means…

I hope to arrange a demo of the Jamboard some time in the near future, with a follow up. The Jamboard will be available for purchase in 2017 (as they “jam” on the final product details) at, as Google specifies, under $6,000.

For more information, see Google’s Jamboard website.